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The Best of Mindset AND Action

Would you like to build a business AND have a life? What if you could have everything you needed to do for both, right at your fingertips? Introducing Train Your Brain U -- the ultimate resource for people who want to train their brains, be happy, AND grow a rockin’ business!

You help others transform.
We help you transform.

Train Your Brain U was built for people who help people. Whether you are a life coach, direct sales professional, speaker, author, yoga teacher, wealth coach, massage therapist, energy practitioner, marketing professional, spiritual advisor, fitness instructor, relationship coach, parenting expert, or any other type of transformational entrepreneur, we can help you grow your business quickly and easily.

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Take Intentional and Aligned Action

The latest brain training to help you change your inner world, so you can step into the outside world and be the best you. The best marketing and business growth training so you can take the type of action that aligns with your personal gifts. Grow your business from a place of joy, fun, and confidence.

Bite-Sized and Easy-to-Consume.
New Training Added Weekly.

We know you’re busy. Train Your Brain U knows how to deliver fresh content with no fluff so you can find the information you need and implement it quickly.

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Be a Part of a Positive Supportive Community

Gain instant access to top brain training entrepreneurs. People just like you who want to grow their businesses AND have a great life. Entrepreneurs who know the power of mindset and who take intentional action. THIS is your happy place.

Meet TYBU Founder: Dana Wilde

Hi, I’m Dana, and I grew my first business from zero to a million dollars a year in just 19 months and then set out to teach others how to do the same with my bestselling book, Train Your Brain. Now with nearly 100,000 followers in 68 countries, my greatest desire is to create a sandbox for the people who know that happiness is the path to success. TYBU is a place where you can hang out, learn from others, grow your business quickly and easily, have the lifestyle you desire, and enjoy the ride.


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Featuring Brain Techniques...

  • Essential Brain Training

    Dana releases her huge Train Your Brain Mega program in the Essentials of Brain Training. Over 100 videos that reveal to you how to use the power of your mind to the fullest!

  • The Conscious Mind

    Are you ready to shift your thinking? Are you to let abundance flow? Are you looking for some ideas on how to think more positively? Come here for the latest Mindaware Experiments, RANTS for inspiration, abundance exercises, and more!

  • The Unconscious Mind

    There is no better way to Train Your Brain than to immerse yourself in positive mind techniques both at the conscious level and the unconscious level. Get the tried and true, as well as the cutting edge, methods for reprogramming your unconscious mind.

...and Successful Marketing Methods

  • Essential Marketing

    Every business needs a foundation and when you understand the foundational principles of marketing, you can apply them to any product or service.

  • The Good Life

    You’re a brain trainer; you know that when you are experiencing joy in all areas of your life, you are also building your business. In this section, you’ll discover how to increase your happiness in every facet of your life, because you’re not only taking care of business, you’re also taking care of you.

  • Grow Your Business

    Come here to find marketing methods that align with your personal gifts. Would you like to learn how to grow your business online? Are you wondering if the latest hot marketing method is a fit for you? Would you like to cut through the noise and get short, concise instructions that you can implement immediately? There are SO many ways to grow your business and this section will give you inspiration and then help you get started. This is Intentional Action at its best.

Also Included . . .

Dream Boards with Susan Iida Pederson
Dana interviews Susan Iida Pederson about how to prepare your mind for creating a dream board, how to create it, and how to bring this technique to your friends, family, and team members.

Livestreaming with Molly Mahoney
Everyone is talking about Livestreaming. In this training, Molly Mahoney reveals how to have camera confidence!  In this training, discover how to use livestreaming to maximize your business growth and become an internet star.

Trade Shows with Deb Bixler
Dana interviews Deb Bixler about this tried and true offline marketing method. Deb tells you how to find trade shows, how to execute at the event, and how to maximize your return after it’s over.

10 Healthy Habits with Anita Franklin
What if you could start to feel like you were making improvements in your health in just a few minutes a day? Dana interviews Anita Franklin about her 10 pillars for health and how to start incorporating them into your life right now.

Train Your Brain U gives you the LATEST in brain techniques combined with the successful marketing methods. This is Intentional Action at it’s best!